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BlueDot BMP388 High Accuracy Pressure Sensor


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Measure temperature, pressure, and altitude with the sensor BMP388 from Bosch Sensortec.
• Sensor outputs temperature, and pressure.
• Calculate altitude from atmospheric pressure.
• Supply voltage between 3.3V and 5V.
• SPI and I²C communication.
• Full tutorial with everything you need.

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With the new barometric pressure sensor BMP388 from Bosch Sensortec, this tiny board measures atmospheric pressure with a relative accuracy of only ± 8 Pa, enabling you to measure altitude with an accuracy of ± 0.66 meters! This is a great improvement over the accuracy reached with the previous BMP280 pressure sensor (± 12 Pa, equivalent to ± 1.0 meters) and much better than the accuracy from the BME280 and BME680 environmental sensors (± 120 Pa). Since it enables accurate altitude measurements, the BMP388 is well-suited for drone applications. 

Here are the main features:

  • Temperature, Pressure, and Altitude Measurements. You can measure temperature and atmospheric pressure with high precision. Besides, the pressure measurements allow you to calculate your altitude with a precision of ± 0.66 meters.
  • 3.3V and 5V Power Supply. The onboard voltage regulator accepts anything from 2.6V to 5.5V to supply the BMP388 sensor. 
  • SPI and I²C Communication. Depending on your project, you may choose between SPI and I²C protocols to communicate with the sensor. 
  • Data Transfer with 5V and 3.3V devices. While devices like the Arduino Uno interpret a 5V signal as a logic HIGH, the BMP388 uses 3.3V as a logic HIGH. The onboard logic level converter translates the 5V signals into 3.3V signals and vice-versa.